Monday, April 25, 2011

T is for Twin Love

My sister, Sarah, over at Crochet by Sarah talked me into doing this A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. Unfortunately I was too late to sign up to do it with everyone over at Tossing It Out and I'm too late to do it the "proper way" so I'm just going to wing it. I will be posting 1 blog per day except Saturdays where there will be 2 posts in 1 so to speak.


Sunday, June 3, 1984 my mom and dad got the biggest suprise of their lives. My mom went into labor with what my parents thought was going to be 1 big boy. At 6:27pm my mom gave birth to my twin sister Sarah. 3 minutes later I followed.

I haven't seen my sister since December 21, 2004. Next Sunday, May 1, I get the AWESOME pleasure of picking her and her husband up at the airport.

I love my sister. She is my best friend.

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