Thursday, April 21, 2011

O is for Only Me

My sister, Sarah, over at Crochet by Sarah talked me into doing this A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. Unfortunately I was too late to sign up to do it with everyone over at Tossing It Out and I'm too late to do it the "proper way" so I'm just going to wing it. I will be posting 1 blog per day except Saturdays where there will be 2 posts in 1 so to speak.


I have always been one of the more difficult one of my parents kids. Can't do much the easy way and if there is a TINY percentage of stuff that goes wrong it usually does to me.

For the last month or so I have had a BAD cold... I'd rate it right up there with when I had the flu back in January. Come to find out it was one of my medications. Want to know the percentage of people who get this side effect? 2-5% of people will get a cold from this medication. That means 2-5 out of 100 people will have it. I just had to fall into that percent.

A year ago I had to have a repeat root canal because I was in the 5-10% of people who will have a  root canal fail within a year.

A 7 or 8 years ago I was diagnosed with HPV. At the time 10% of people had this... I fell in that 10%.

See a pattern??? If you don't see it yet here is another one.

August 7th 2001 I had Harrington rods (two 18 inch titanium rods) placed in my spine to correct my Scoliosis and save my life. These days getting a staph infection during surgery is not a huge risk, but there is a risk. I got a staph infection after that surgery. Do you know what the chances are of getting a second staph infection from that same surgery are? Neither do I, but it happened to me. LOL!!!

I'm not negative or sad about any of this... what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger right?

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  1. I've liked your posts... I imagine it must be hard to fall into those percentages always. But I think that has give you an incredible will to live and strenght to face whatever comes.