Monday, April 11, 2011

C is for Cousins; D is for Details

My sister, Sarah, over at Crochet by Sarah talked me into doing this A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. Unfortunately I was too late to sign up to do it with everyone over at Tossing It Out and I'm too late to do it the "proper way" so I'm just going to wing it. I will be posting 1 blog per day except Saturdays where there will be 2 posts in 1 so to speak.

I was too busy to post yesterday so I'm going to do 2 today.
C is for Cousins
The last year or so I have been able to reconnect with cousins that I haven't seen in YEARS. But I also managed to meet my 2nd cousin (my cousins daughter) Kassie for the first time back in December... I've mentioned her a couple times in some past posts.
Anywho, over the last few months Kassie and I have gotten fairly close. So close that I've asked her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. Yesterday I had to go pick up my wedding dress (which is amazing BTW) and she came along so we could find her dress. I think it was the 3rd one she tried on that we decided was the one. She looks so pretty in it and I can't wait to see the dress in the color it needs to be.
D is for Details
Wedding planning is hard work. Its not just about finding the perfect dress, venue, cake, ring... there are TONS of other little things that no one thinks about until its actually time for them to start planning their wedding. Things like bubbles or bird seed, guest book or signed picture frame, bow tie or tie tie, real or silk flowers... etc. IT NEVER ENDS!!! I now know why the people who can afford it hire wedding planners. lol


  1. Found you from Sarah's blog. Love your projects!

  2. There's a million details in a wedding and it can be overwhelming, the most important thing is for you to enjoy it and be happy with it... don't see it as a whole, see one little thing at the time and you'll tackle it easy and quick.
    Congrats on your wedding!
    I found you through Sarah!