Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday

This last Friday my 2nd cousin Kassie had her baby. Since then I have been inspired to pick up the blanket I started for the baby MONTHS ago. LOL I'm horrible. BTW, her baby was 12lbs yeah... TWELVE pounds. Here is the blanket which will now be a Christmas present.

So today while I was crocheting his blanket I realized that I should make something for his older sister too. How unfair would that have been for me to make something for only one of her 2 children. While thinking about what to make I remembered that I have this HOT pink and pink/purple verigated blanket that I've been playing with for almost a year. I sent Kassie a text, asked her what her daughters favorite color was, and got SO excited when she said pink and purple and that pink is the one she likes better. THE BLANKET FINALLY HAS A HOME!! That will make Josh happy. Here is hers.

On December 12th I will not only give them their gifts, but I will meet Kassie for the first time.

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  1. lol love the tiny words, they really add your fun personality to the text of your blogs, your a good writer Kari! and im glad you get to meet your cousin for the first time!! i connected with a couple this year for the very first time. After we lost my uncle, his wife sent pics, and i found some of that side of the family. Made me get curious and look on facebook, and now we have to send the pics off. I hope to meet them one day, they live in Minnesota, anyways, have fun, that will be a special day :)