Friday, November 5, 2010

Flash Back Friday: Grandma Cozad

I don't really remember much about my Grandma Cozad. She passed away just over 13 years ago. So I guess that would have made me 13 at the time. Like I might have mentioned before, I don't remember much from before age 17. I do remember Molasses Crinkles, Tomato Soup with rice, and pink mints in her old-fashioned candy jar.... I also remember the day she died. She died on September 8, 1997 in the morning while I was at school. I remember coming home and my dad and step mom weren't there. So us kids just went about our business and when they got home my dad told us she was gone. He had a hard time just saying "I'm so sorry, kids, but Gramma passed away today.". So, he said, "come listen to this song." and he played Patty Loveless' How Can I Help You Say Good-bye. He didn't have to say anything... the song said it all. I love my Grandma and miss her like CRAZY!

These pictures are from my dad and step-moms wedding. We don't have very many pictures of Grandma Cozad. I have a story about these pictures that I'll be sharing soon. ENJOY!!

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  1. Reading this gave me the chills. Not in a bad way, but in a I-can-tell-that-you-loved-your-Grandma kind of way, and it made me miss mine.

  2. wow! where did you get these photos??? LOVE them!

  3. I lost mine when i was 8, i do remember her, losing a Grandma is very hard, and im so sorry you were so young when you lost her. That song is very sad it makes me cry when I hear it