Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday

This week has been a VERY slow work week for me due to the car accident I was in last week. I have been working on a Christmas present for my sons god-sister. Sure hope her mommy doesn't read my blog or the suprise will be ruined!!! LOL!

A few weeks ago I entered a contest for a pattern giveaway over at Banana Moon Studio's blog.... and I won! I got to choose two patterns from her Etsy Shop. Just so happens that my sister Sarah entered too, so I chose the Sweet Little Rounded Mittens for me and gave the Sweet Little Mittens pattern to Sarah (she liked that one the best).

Anywho, I made a pair of the mittens using Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in Soft Mauve and  Made the buttons with Sweet Pink. Here are the gloves:

Aren't they cute?! They are thumbless, soft, sparkly, and perfect for Lily!

 After making the mittens I thought it would be SO cute to make a matching scarf and hat. So, using the same stitch for the cuff on the mittens I am making the scarf. My plan is to use the button pattern from the gloves and make it a functioning button on the scarf so that Janelle and Darrin won't have to worry about the scarf slipping off. 

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will finish the scarf and then I can start planning the hat. Be sure to check back to see the finished scarf and hat!!

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