Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: Taylor

Ok, so this weeks Flashback is about my nephew, Taylor. I decided to use him for my subject because today just happens to be the 3 year anniversary of his conception.
Strange that I know that, but I remember dates WELL.

Anywho, Taylor was born on September 2, 2008 almost 5 months before Nathaniel. He weighed 8 pounds. Taylor is my brother Buddy and sister-in-law Ashley's first child. I don't really remember much of the day he was born... mainly because I had been awake for 20+ hours.

Taylor and Nathaniel are like best friends. They play well with each other, Taylor teaches Nathaniel things like how to jump, Nathaniel teaches Taylor things like how to be super quiet so mommy and daddy get nervous, and they even have nick names for each other "Naniel" and "Tayor". Nathaniel is getting better with Taylor's name... he used to say "Tayo".

Here is a picture of Taylor and my mom and dad the day he was born...

Sorry mom, I know you want to kill me for putting a pic of you on here. Suck it up!! Love you!!

And there he is, so cute, tiny, and cuddly.

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  1. Wow, you MUST remember dates well! This was a really sweet post. And so cool that your kids can be so close.

  2. awwww :) that pic is really sweet, Nathaniel and Taylor are so lucky getting to grow up together, they're going to be like brothers growing up so close in age and connection :)