Tuesday, February 8, 2011

REVEAL: Two Super Secret Project Completed

I have been working on a couple of "secret" projects for the last few weeks and I FINALLY completed them. The first one I completed was a little Chihuahua for my brother Jacob's birthday. I actually started it for him for Christmas, but I obviously didn't get it done in time. And once Christmas passed it kind of took the back burner. My son, Nathaniel, named the chihuahua Lucy. Lucy is my moms chihuahua that just happens to be black and white also. What do you think?

This next project is a blanket for my new nephew, Noah. Noah was born last month and hes SO adorable. Anywho, The blanket. If you have me on your FaceBook you might have seen me complaining about how hard it has been for me to write my own pattern. This blanket would be the pattern. I wanted to make something for Noah that not only by brother and sister-in-law would love, but something he would love too. I spent a good 4 hours one night just trying to figure out how I was going to do it and once I figured it out I went nuts working on it. lol

Here it is, my very first blanket made from my VERY own pattern. I don't know yet if I'm going to share this pattern or not. What do you think?

Keep in mind that anything that looks black is actually green. I took this picture with my cell phone and it didn't pick up the green real well.

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  1. Oh, little pooch is precious. Yes, you may want to sell that pattern....it's really professional!