Monday, February 14, 2011

My Love

First off, Happy Valentine's Day to all of my wonderful readers!!

This is mine and Josh's 6th Valentine's Day together... our second with our LOVELY son. And even though we aren't doing anything special he has to work and my date tonight is my mom I still don't hate the day. I woke up this morning to find a short but VERY sweet post on my Face Book wall from Josh expressing his love for me. TOTALLY melted my heart, he's not the sappy lovey dovey kinda guy, but he is my guy and I love him.

I can still remember our first Valentine's day. I managed to sneak his Letterman jacket out of his house and took it to have the rest of his patches put on for his gift. We made plans to go to Red Robin for dinner and then out to see a scary movie. He had just gotten a new job and had orientation that day. When he didn't show up at the time he was supposed to I felt pretty let down. Like SERIOUSLY, how could some one I had been with for 6+ months really be standing me up!!! I ended up going to bed and crying... until he called. His orientation  lasted 8 hours!!! So I wiped away my tears and we went out. Dinner sucked, the service sucked, and you guessed it.. the movie sucked!! As a matter of fact, the movie sucked SO BAD that we left before it was over!! To this day its still one of my FAVORITE Valentine's Days. LOL

Josh, if you read this and I know you probably won't lol I love you more then words can say. You are my sun, moon, and stars, the love of my life, and the father of my son. Happy Valentines Day!!!

May 31, 2008
My brothers wedding
Josh, Nathaniel, and I's first family photo... I was 10 weeks pregnant.