Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flashback Friday

This friday I took time out of my crocheting to go through my BIG box of pictures to find something that I have a GOOD story for.

Say hello to my brother, Buddy. No, this isn't present day Buddy. This is 10 years ago Buddy. This was Buddy at his prom in 2000... June 3, 2000 to be exact. He looks so happy and handsome.

Now, saw hello to me (10 years ago me of course). Same day, but I'm not so happy looking. Why? Because this was my 16th birthday and he stole my day. LOL

Now, before you say hello to Buddy and his prom date (I forget her name), let me tell you why I Chose these pictures. 10 years after my not-so-sweet 16 I can still laugh. She was a foregin exchange student from a DIFFERENT high school... ANNNNNDDDD she is WAY taller then him. How sweet is that? LOL

Anyways, its actually really sad. These are the only pictures I have of my 16th birthday. I didn't even get to enjoy my dinner that night because we ended up at the same restauraunt as him and his date and he got mad. Some might say I'm still angry and need to let it go. But I'm really not mad. How can I be? He's given me a joke to last forever... he couldn't find a girl from our school, town, state, or country to take to prom... so he asked a girl who was a foregin exhange student.

I love my brother!!
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  1. ha ha funny sis. you also have to remember that i didn't know anyone at that school at the time.

  2. hahaha, this was cute!! you both looked great, and i am glad you can all laugh about it now :)

  3. Wow. She really IS tall, haha. Like, amazon woman tall. Where was she from?!

    ...I'd be mad if I had to share my birthday too. Our poor sons, being born the day after Christmas. They kinda got the crappy end of the deal, didn't they? And my daughters are born a week apart. They'll hate me for that later, I'm sure.

  4. hey at least you HAD a "sweet 16"! I like that joke too!