Friday, October 8, 2010

Flash Back Friday

My first Flashback is of me and Sarah,my sister, my twin, my OTHER other half. LOL!! I don't really remember having this picture done, but I do know that we were 4 years old and we LOVED those dresses and our 80's bangs. Gotta admit, my mom rocked at doing our bangs like that... so long as we sit still.

Any how, not much to this one because I don't remember it. But I can tell you that this picture reminds me of the way things used to be with me and Sarah. Sure, we are still sisters and she is also my friend, but nothing beats the bond and friendship we had as little girls. This picture makes me miss her too... well, more then I normaly do. :)

I love you, Sarah!!
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  1. I never had amazing 80s bangs, I'm so envious.

    I miss you girls.

  2. My bangs were always awful in the 80s. Cute pictures!

  3. lol my head was too curly for 80's bangs :) This is wayy cute!! You both looked like happy little girls!