Saturday, May 28, 2011


After being unemployed for 6 months I have finally gotten a job. On Wednesday I went in to meet with Josh's boos to see about doing some temp work for a couple weeks to help them through this MASSIVE slam of uncovered shifts they have. I not only got the temp work, but they also asked me to stay on part time and on-call. Now, anyone who knows me knows that going back to security was not something I ever wanted to do. But I am thankful that I get the chance to help with my family now. 

So far I have worked 2 shifts and both of them have bee very interesting. My first shift I got about an hour into it and just wanted to die. LOL!! I didn't realize how out of shape I am. Being on the couch for 6 months really messed me up. I was pretty emotional that night too. I felt like I did the first night I went back to work after having Nathaniel. I was a mess.

The second night, last night, was amusing. I was walking through this grassy area looking at the windows of the building and stepped in a hole that I knew was there and twisted my ankle. I spent the rest of my shift limping. A few hours later I went back to my car to add more to my shift report and realized that I locked my keys in my car. Thankfully Josh was working and was able to come let me in my car. 

Anywho, Just wanted to give a little update on whats going on with me. I am going to be testing a pattern that my sister wrote soon, maybe I'll blog about it. Night!!

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  1. So so happy for you getting the job! I know ive congratulated you a hundred times by now, but as a person who was in a similar (but not exactly cuz i only have myself to support) boat, I can relate to the annoyances of being unemployed and how happy you are now! Hope your Ankle feels better, try not to let my klutziness rub off on you!