Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Fireman Teddy bear

So Christmans is coming up... about 17 days to be exact. And that means that my sons 2nd birthday is 18 days away. I knew that this Cristmas was going to be tight, but last Monday I realized just how tight its going to be. I lost my job. Yeah... you heard read me right... I got fired less then a month before Christmas and Nathaniel's birthday. Josh and I have no gifts for each other... not even a card. Nathaniel has a few things, mostly hand made stuff and a hand-me-down rocking horse. Now, I know that Nathaniel is 2 or will be in 18 days and that he probably won't remember Christmas or his birthday this year, but I will. I also know that its not about giving... its about being with those you love and celebrating the birth of Christ and Nathaniel on the 26th But its still had for me to not be able to give him everything he wants.

Ok, enough of my sob story... I wanted to share with you the Fireman Teddy bear that I am crocheting for Nathaniel. I searched and searched for any crochet pattern involving firemen/fire trucks/dalmations and found this patter for the most ADOREABLE teddy bear. Once I found it I fell totally in love with it Christmas was saved!!! , and then my heart sank.... I didn't have the yarn needed for it and I didn't have the money to buy what I needed. So what did I do? I got on FaceBook and complained like I always do. Soon my friend and one of my Pure Romance consultans, Jessica Randal, asked me what colors and how much I needed. Then she went through her stash of yarn and on Sunday she brought me the yarn. JESSICA SAVED CHRISTMAS!!!

Now, this bear isn't finished yet. I probably only have 1/3 of it done. But I'm SO looking forward to finishing it.

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