Friday, June 17, 2011

FlashBack Friday: The "Dads" in My Life

With Fathers Day this Sunday I thought it would be nice to blog about those guys rather then my crochet and stuff. lol So to start with I'm going to tell you a little bit about my dad.

This is my dad with me and Sarah when we were I think about 6 years old. It was Christmas, and as usual we were at Granny and Popa's house. That's their fire place that we are sitting in front of.

Anywho, my dad... God, I'm not even sure where to start. lol! He is one of my very best friends, he listens to me no matter what is falling out of my mouth literally... half the time words just fall out before I can even think about not saying them, he isn't afraid to tell me how things are, and he loves... he loves more and stronger then anyone I've ever met. He does the best he can with what he has and has taught his children to do the same. One other thing he taught me is that no matter what, he will ALWAYS come back. He told us that EVERY time he went to work, out with friends, on trips, and any other time he had to leave us for any length of time. And you know what? We believed and trusted that he would. So far he has stuck to his word. I've learned that it is important to tell your children that you will come back, you WILL be there, and that no matter what you love them and would rather be no where else in the world then right by their side.

This is me and Sarah with our Popa... and I am giggling now cause I've looked at this one and the one of us with dad a thousand times and I'm just realizing that these were taken on the same day.

Popa is a hard subject for me. Mainly because my memory from before I was 17 is rather foggy to put it lightly. Also, because I don't have many memories of him being that nice loving grandfather that most people have. I do, however, trust my heart and I can tell you that my heart shattered the day he died. I can remember him being in the hospital and visiting hours were over at 8pm, but if your family was in "that situation" they would let you visit more. I would leave Granny and Popa's house in the middle of the night and just go sit with him. I would bring a crochet project and just sit there crocheting listening to him breathe. I couldn't bear to let him be alone. Based on that, I know that he loved me. Its been 6 and a half years almost and I miss him terribly.

And last, but most certainly not least... Josh. This is him and Nathaniel when Nathaniel was just a few weeks old. They used to take naps together ALL the time. Josh has been an amazing dad to Nathaniel. I couldn't have asked for a better father to my son. I remember when I took the pregnancy test and it was positive. I woke Josh up and told him. He smiled BIG and said "I'm gonna be a daddy!"

So there ya go, prolly not the best Flashback, but its what was on my mind. And just in case I don't have time to post on Sunday


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